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With every transcript, Redwood Litigation Services offers a CD containing a PDF, TXT, condensed transcript and and word index. At no additonal cost, exhibits in electronic form can be emailed to you or added to your CD. Upon request, exhibits can also be hyperlinked to your PDF transcript. Just click on an exhibit link anywhere in the transcript and the exhibit will automatically open for your viewing. Redwood can provide hyperlinked exhibits in many formats: XMEF for CaseMap users; PTZ, LEF, SBF, and MDB files for LiveNote users, and SBF for Summation users. And as always, e-Transcripts are available free of charge upon request.

Why a PDF? The PDF is rapidly becoming the format of choice for courts and law firms. Ninety-eight percent of the federal courts use PDF for electronic filings. Lower courts are implementing similar systems. The PDF, unlike the TXT file, maintains the appearance of the original document. You can print out an exact copy of the original transcript. There are no problems with proprietary formats that firewalls and email programs reject. And each PDF comes secured with a digitized reporter signature for ease of courtroom filing. All you need is the free Adobe Viewer installed on your computer, iPad or iPhone to view, highlight, annotate and email the transcripts. With PDFs, you can search not only in one transcript but across multiple transcripts simultaneously. And PDFs can be saved as an image file for trial presentation purposes. With Redwood Litigation Services’ help, litigation has never been so easy.

Scanned Exhibits:

Redwood Litigation Services scans every exhibit into their secure computer database. Exhibits can be instantly available at a click of a button through our online depository.

Online Depository:

No hosting fees. No download fees. No hassles.

All you need is a password and username and you’re set to go! Every deposition, every exhibit and every video is scanned into our system for ease of uploading into our secure depository. You can view your calendars, transcripts, exhibits and master indexes at a click of a button. View your invoices and payment history at your leisure, manage your calendar by setting, rescheduling or canceling depositions.

Save Time, Money and the Environment!:

Use our secure, online Document Depository to share documents with other parties on your litigation team. It’s easy to use and available 24/7. Let us upload your documents to our server, and you determine who and what you want to share with others.

Redwood Litigation Services' expertise is in servicing multi-party, complex litigation. We have been hosting online construction defect cases since 1998 and are well known in the industry. Whether you need a physical depository or online depository, we can expertly manage your case. CD cases are unique, and we know what attorneys and paralegals need in order to make them run efficiently and effortlessly. Call our office today to discuss your options and what services we can provide.

We're easy to work with. (Even if we're always on your case)

"I have had the pleasure of using Redwood Reporting for many years, and I would highly recommend them as your go-to team for certified shorthand reporting. Our office has scheduled depositions with Redwood as far away as Europe, across U.S., statewide, and, of course locally. Their office staff and court reporters are extemely professional, prompt, and friendly. Redwood Reporting will never let you down, ever."

M.M., legal Assistant,
Santa Rosa